The Atlanta Shootings Are A Product of Unchecked Anti-Asian Rhetoric

The United States has no shortage of bigotry, we were one of the last first world countries to abolish chattel slavery, but the recent tragic Atlanta shooting of eight young women (majority of whom were Asian-American) is a consequence of fetishization, used for political gain, and micro-aggressions. 

The shooter was said to want some sort of “sexual release” along with his racial bias. This doesn’t necessarily mean he was fetishizing Asian women in some way, though it does lean in that direction, it does bring up the conversation again of the U.S. media’s obsession with sexualizing young Asian women. From the short skimpy skirts you see in early Fast and Furious to even the classical trope of “Asian girl from a village falls for white man” media portrays them as obedient and subservient. Many large alt-right figures such as Richard Spencer or Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin have “yellow fever”. This reduces the down to objects rather than people, leading to this shooter potentially feeling that way. 

Asian-Americans also consistently have their oppression pushed to the side due to the fake “model minority” Back in the 1960s The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 was passed to attract more skilled and educated labor from the east. Therefore, a lot of the Asian and Middle-Eastern immigrants who arrived in the U.S. were pre-educated and well off, so their performance naturally was better. This was then used to pit race against race and later lead to Asian-Americans being dismissed in the conversation of racial liberation. This allowed politicians to push very agitated propaganda against China and other places, especially during COVID, and has created a lot more racial violence. 

In reality, the shooting in Atlanta will not remain an isolated incident if we allow rhetoric against Asian people to go unchecked and it has for a long time. It was a ticking time bomb that no one was defusing and hopefully, it won’t be replanted.