From The Window To A Plate

Growing Produce In A Desert

Abigail Lowrey

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In Arizona, the idea of having a garden may be daunting. However, it’s possible if we rely on the powerful invention of A/C and indoor space. If there’s something I’m not too experienced with it would have to be anything culinary-related. However, I’ve grown fond of growing produce and culinary ingredients. If you’re looking for a quick-growing plant, mint will be your best friend.

Over a month, my mint plant survived drought and doubled in size, climbing up the structure stick I gave it. Rosemary, despite its multiuse, is one of the tougher plants to revive from the dead. If you’re not too into herbs and leafy greens, stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s all have a wide selection of mature strawberry plants. If you’re looking for inside fruit-bearing plants, I highly recommend investing in a grow light to make up for the lack of natural light that the plants would receive outside. If you’re worried about what to do with these water-thirsty plants, refer to my previous article where I discussed how to keep gnats under control.

A method I find easy to use is bottom watering, which is the process of allowing plants to absorb the water from their roots. To have easy bottom watering, I recommend having a dish, not too deep, a regular ceramic plate will do, and fill it with water. Do this as often as you would water the plants, as to not drown them. Bottom watering for the herbs will be significantly easier than bottom watering plants that require thicker soil such as strawberries and other berry varieties. After enough time you’ll be able to tell your family that the seasoning they’re enjoying was grown from your bedroom window.