What Makes “The Courier” So Entertaining and Enjoyable?

Dominic Cooke’s most recent film “The Courier” took me and many others by surprise: what made this film so entertaining? Whether it be the incredibly accurate depiction of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting, or how emotionally involved the audience gets, “The Courier” was a very good film. 

Dominic Cooke’s “The Courier” follows Benedict Cumberbatch who plays an ‘Ordinary’ businessman whose goal is to sell the idea that he is a simple businessman in Moscow, Russia to get Russian intel for the Cuban Missile Crisis. The concept is actually quite simple, and the same people that recruited him also recruited a Russian-American to give that intel to Cumberbatch. It’s quite an intense movie but also a very in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

This film truly caught me by surprise. A lot of movies that have to deal with war or American history tend to be good movies, but are usually pretty boring. “The Courier” was a good movie, but I wasn’t bored at all with the film. In fact, it kept me on edge, and not to mention it had an excellent ending. 

One of the biggest surprises with “The Courier” was the above and beyond acting by the 2 lead actors that played the spies on Russian intel. That being both Benedict Cumberbatch and Merab Ninidze, Ninidze being someone I had never seen before. Not only was their acting spot on and very intriguing, but some of the side characters as well. Most notably Jessie Buckley, who I had only seen in one other film. Overall, the acting in this really made this a great film rather than just a good one.

Taking several history classes in school, I also found this film to be historically very accurate. It is usually rare to go into such detail when learning about wars and events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this film covered that detail perfectly. It was extremely interesting and entertaining to see what they had to do back then to actually prevent anything Nuclear from happening. It makes you think: what would have happened if these spies didn’t help prevent it?

All in all, this film had quite an emotional ending, but a perfect one. It truly helps deliver the message it was trying to send to its audience and takes a deep look into the Cuban Missile Crisis that most Americans and others don’t get the chance to see. If historical movies don’t bore you, or if the Cold War interests you, this is well worth a watch!