Did March Madness Treating The Men and Women Unfairly? 

Sydney Snider, Sports Editor

March Madness has begun. This year, the biggest tournament in Division 1 college basketball looks a little different due to precautions to prevent the spread of Covid 19 with players staying in a “bubble” environment to limit their exposure.

In recent days, the unfair treatment of the men’s teams versus the women’s teams has become known through social media as many players are showing their followers what it is like to be in the March Madness bubble. These videos show what it looks like on the inside, how and where the players work out, have their meals, what they do in their free time, and how they practice. While it is great being able to see how it works from the inside it has also shown the unfair accommodations for men and women.

University of Oregon’s Sedona Prince made a tik tok on her account showing what the women’s weight room in Texas looked like versus the men’s in Indiana. The video, which was viewed 9.5 million times, showed a set of six dumbbells and a couple of yoga mats for the women, while the men’s gym looked like an “LA Fitness”. Many more athletes have come out and displayed how little the women were receiving compared to the men. This did not only catch the attention of the fans, but reactions have also come out from all over sports. Coaches have started speaking out and telling the NCAA there needs to be a change. NBA and WNBA players also have begun to speak out and share their opinions on the situation. 

Now that the issue of inequality has been so widely exposed we can only hope we will finally start to see some changes. This isn’t the first time the unfair treatment of women’s sports has come up, but now with so many athletes, companies, and fans voicing their opinions, it seems like it just might make a difference.