Senior Shut Down

The Unspoken Stress of Being a High School Senior

Abigail Lowrey

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The forever question of “what next” has always been one that daunts me. When asked this harmless little question I will almost always reply with “I don’t know”. Life has been that constant state of the unknown where, especially in times like this, nothing is set in stone. Committing to certain things has always been a struggle that I have faced, using plants as a way to commit to getting out of bed each day. In the four years of being in high school, I’ve realized that under the pressure of both our parents and sometimes school advisors we’re forced to make life decisions when we’re not ready.

 Freshman year and current-day me would have not even agreed on the same career or even college. I have changed a lot as a person since I was a freshman in a new school.  If there is absolutely any advice I can offer to those wondering what the senior experience is like, the one that so many movies romanticize, it is to take things at your own pace. When we rush into things it only forces us to make decisions we may not agree on in the future. Almost five weeks left of my senior year and I’m not currently committed to any colleges or any plan in general, the best advice I can offer is to just let things happen. We can choose to freak out and grow anxious about our future or we can choose to just let things happen and go with it.