What Do I Want To Get Out Of High School


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In the movies, they make high school seem like such a small, unimportant phase in a person’s life, one that’s nothing but a sea of different social groups that essentially decide your reputation and your worth. They make it seem as if all you get out of high school are embarrassing stories and a burning hatred for the people of your generation.

 I see it so differently, for me, high school is the place to expand your social skills, try different things, figure out who you want to be and what you want to do. Everyone faces a different path in high school, and to some sure, it might be just a small fraction of their life that will have nothing to do with where they end up, but for others, high school is the place that forms your path and sets you up for greatness. I’ve always wanted to have a true passion, one that I was talented at and could make an amazing career out of. Growing up, the idea of what that passion was changed almost weekly, I could never really find one that I wanted to stick with whether it was a sport, something to do with helping animals, or even working for NASA at one point. It was almost as if I wanted the passion and drive I would get out of these hobbies more than I wanted the actual hobby. When I got into high school I was certain I would immediately find that thing, and everything would be perfect after that.

 As a current sophomore, I now see how much I had oversimplified it. You see, high school is somewhat meant for finding that thing, but the beauty of it is that you have 4 years to figure it out, and a lot of people still don’t even figure it out by then, but contrary to what I used to think, that doesn’t mean they won’t be successful. To me, the idea of success just means that you are happy with what you’re doing and how you’re living your life, even if that life doesn’t meet the expectations of someone else’s version of success. 

 The point is, no one has to have it figured out right away, and when you focus too much on your plans for the future, you miss what’s right in front of you. So, although I do want to find my ideal career in high school, I also want to get experiences. I want to meet new people, go to fun events that I might not usually go to, go out of my comfort zone, and try new things. I trust that when I’m older I’ll be where I’m meant to be, and I want to be able to look back on my days in high school and remember the things I learned, the places I went, and how much fun I had.