Seniors Confronting Adulthood

    At our age, we think we’re invincible, that we have so much ahead of us and we do, but the time we have to wiggle and find ourselves is shrinking and for many including myself is a horrifying realization. 

    Whether it’s realizing four years of our lives (more specifically speaking to seniors here) has flown by without even realizing. Seeing your parents look at you differently because you’re now an adult, losing heroes that shaped you during your formative years, hits you like a truck needless to say. 

    The question is raised, however, what is there to be scared of, and if you asked any of us this question we probably wouldn’t be able to answer you. The world gives a lot of chances to fail that is for sure and in a way confronting that failure is part of growing older. We’re here now and closing this door to open another even with the chances of a bad outcome is growing up, taking chances for the better, doing things for you. 

    This all seems odd to be put out on a news platform, but I want to get into how as seniors we can prepare and how we can attempt to manifest this anxiety into something more productive for us and the people around us. 

    Pose the question in your head, why are you scared? Failure? The unknown? Fair, all things to be anxious about, but what if you took that energy that puts your head in a spiral and tries to forget. Easier said than done, but take that energy and distract, do a hobby, spend time with people, build a support system for yourself, friends and family will be there for you.

    The emotional limbo we find ourselves in moving on to greener pastures is not uncommon, but don’t be afraid to confront and put yourself out there to make that limbo seem shorter and shorter. Ultimately now that you’re confronting adulthood and sprinting at it headfirst, the best piece of advice one can give is….build yourself. That support system mentioned before is important and perhaps vital in this, but finding yourself and what you truly are separated from high school style “hierarchies” will be the most important thing in ridding that anxiety.  

    All in all, it’s time to look forward. It’s time to confront YOU and what YOU want to be. Good luck.