“Voyagers” It Was A Complete Let Down

“Voyagers” It Was A Complete Let Down

With horror and sci-fi being some of my personal favorite genres, I was looking forward to this film. Especially with some members of the cast like Colin Farrell, I had decent expectations going in and it just missed. It’s as simple as that. Whether it be the various plot holes or trying to focus too hard on character study, the true premise of this film unraveled slowly as the film went on.

“Voyagers”, Directed by Neil Burger, follows quite an interesting Sci-Fi plot. Like most, if not all Sci-Fi movies, the entire story takes place on some type of space vehicle trying to achieve a mission. What is their mission exactly? See, this is where I was quite intrigued with the story for this film. The overall goal of this space mission is to get to this newly discovered planet where potential life has practically been confirmed. The only issue is that it is about a 90-year mission, and so the original members of this spaceship won’t even make it to this planet. With about 30 passengers plus the leader, they are being medically controlled so they can achieve this mission without acting like normal people and getting out of hand. 

It’s a decently complex plot, which is the root for where all of these plot holes came about. That was by far one of the biggest struggles with this movie. There were several instances where a scene that followed the other would make zero sense or have little realisticness to it. Sci-Fi films in themselves aren’t the most realistic, but they definitely maintain basic things that would make sense in real life. 

Not only are there countless plot holes, but the characters and character study in this are a little out of hand. There are obviously a few main characters that are truly being studied and focused on throughout this film as they tend to be against each other, but oftentimes this film tries to do too much by incorporating and focusing on completely irrelevant characters, just for them to come to an end. I understand that there are over 30 characters in this story, but it would’ve been significantly smoother had the writer focus more on the select few “main” characters. 

Although the flaws of this film outweigh the good, there are definitely some takeaways of things that kept me hooked on the movie. For starters, even with the plot holes, the overall concept of this film was very unique. I felt it was slightly more complex than the typical Sci-Fi film which I enjoyed. 

Another positive takeaway from this has to be the sound and score of this film. They truly kept this film very intense and made me wonder what would happen in the next scene. The music definitely gave me mixed signals of both Sci-Fi and Horror music. 

Even with the few positive takeaways from this film, it was still a complete letdown in my eyes. With bigger movie releases starting to pick up, maybe my expectations were too high, but I felt it could’ve been much better. Regardless, anyone into Sci-Fi or Psycho movies should definitely check it out as they will appreciate some aspects of this!