Quarantine: In Retrospect


In many ways, life has yet to return to normal. A virus still rages but a sense of normality has returned. Vaccines are being administered in thousands and people are returning to work, school, and their lives in general. A lot of us have had time to reflect and look at life in a new way in such a short period of time. 

We are all young and being forced into a situation where we were forced to deal with solitude left us all either more human or bitter. We’ve discovered new hobbies and passions, ideas, opinions, styles. We have developed our identities quicker than many before us because we were forced to spend time with ourselves. 

When you’re around other people and trying to fit in, identity development becomes stunted, we don’t have time to reflect and find ourselves quickly, and being forced to be alone has allowed that to happen much quicker than ever before. Quarantine was a nightmare in many ways and robbed us of so much, but in an odd way gifted us with a new appreciation of self and the world around us. 

You never realize what you miss, until you don’t have it anymore. You start to care more for the friends you’ve made, the social interactions of school, your significant other, and most importantly, yourself. Isolation drove us all insane, let’s be real. No one wants to be cooped up in your house for months at a time with no interaction. It is undeniable however that we came out different, for better or worse. We learned our worths and grew. If there is one positive to all of this, it has to be that.