Don’t Ever View Failure as Final

Failure, the textbook definition is “lack of success.”Failure is the state of not meeting the desired objective. Failing, losing, screwup, all these negative connotations surrounding this state. No one wants to fail. Society has been trained to fear failure, including myself. It does not feel good to lose, it’s quite easy to lose all motivation.

It’s easy to walk away. Some view failure as the final event, as if it can not be changed. As if once you fail, you must give up. Although, this is simply not true. This is where the real test begins. ”

— Angelique Garcia-Barajas

When things don’t go right, it’s easy to crack under pressure. Unplanned things may throw one off-balance, even so, it is important to become adaptable and calm under pressure. Anyone can give up, everyone can fail, but not everyone can win. That’s why it feels so good to do so. As time goes on, several new opportunities will pop up in life. The important thing is to learn from your failures. Ask yourself, Why? Why did you fail? And what can I do to win? 

 “Failure” has been outcasted and avoided since the beginning of time, but this unrealistic expectation has actually been creating a depressed, weak society. It is important to accept your failures, as failure is as natural as breathing. There is no growth in perfection, but “failing, however, means you are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to you, and opening up room for higher levels of success” The sooner people accept that failure is human nature, the sooner society can progress.  

 Your perspective of failure can change the outcome of your life. You may see it in a negative way. Yet, if you look beyond, the answers are right there instead of a dead-end. From failure, you can learn to never make the same mistake again. You are able to look back on your loss and reflect on what went wrong. Since failure can leave a very powerful impression, you’ll be more positive about what not to do, and what you can do better”  This can only benefit you, you are able to enhance your skills as well as develop new ones. Success builds confidence but rarely gives you wisdom. Only from failure can you truly learn vital life lessons, as long as you allow yourself to. 

Ultimately, like with many other things in life, what you do with your failure will depend on you. How you view things drastically affects your path.  It can weigh you down, and you could never gain anything from it. Or, you can learn from your mistake, and grow stronger from it.  Is the glass half-full or half-empty? How do you view failure? The answers to these questions reveal your perspective of things. 



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