Project S22


Liam Stillson, Entertainment & Reviews Editor

With the transition from online to in-person learning over the summer, the possibility to have school events has arisen again and STUGO has already jumped on the opportunity to host a dance at the school. The dance is planned for August 20th from 7 pm to 9 pm, and the theme is going to be a neon glow dance, with just one little catch; the dance is only for seniors. 

Now, this may sound a little confusing, a dance already but just for seniors? Well, I was able to sit down with our student body president and the one who announced this dance, Priya Khetarpal, and here’s what she had to say. “The dance is a neon glow theme, there will be black lights hung up around where the dance will take place, and glowsticks for everyone at the entrance.” She encouraged people to bring their own glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets, as long as everything still falls within the school dress code. Priya also said she wants this dance to be as fun and inclusive as possible, she wants as many people to go as possible. Now, for what you should wear, Priya says “Neon colors or white would work best to go with the black lights.” Later she also said that neon paint would be allowed, and a good addition if one wanted to.

When asked about why the dance is only for seniors she responded, “We wanted to do this dance to kick off the final year for our seniors, a lot of us didn’t get to experience an actual junior prom, and this dance is making up for that.” She also added, “We are hoping for all the seniors to come so we can come together as a senior class.” 

Tickets will be going on sale Friday the 13th in the bookstore for only $5 per ticket. For those concerned about covid masks will be optional but not required, and if more than 200 seniors attend then the dance will be held outside, but if less than 200 attend then it will be held inside in the cafeteria. And for those who may want to bring an underclassman as a date, unfortunately, the dance is only for seniors,as Priya really wants this graduating class to be as close as possible. As always there will be drinks and snacks available but prepackaged due to the covid concerns. 

So, if either the dance sounds fun, or you have some downtime, it might be worth the 5 dollars to go and either keep old friendships or maybe even start a new one before it’s too late. Thursday the 19th is the last day to buy tickets.