Covid’s Effect On Mental Health


Natasha Coan, Staff Writer

Covid-19 first hit in December 2019, people weren’t really paying much attention or thought it was important at that time. In the beginning of 2020, it started to get serious and the virus began to spread like crazy around the world. Everyone had to quarantine and cities started to go on lockdown. The virus was spreading like wildfire, it got so out of control. There were so many cases and people were dying at an alarming rate.

The virus then went on for about a couple of months, students had to be out of school and no one knew when the virus would be over. People wondered when things would go back to normal. Stores everywhere were running out of stock of basic supplies, this included everyday items like food, water, tissues, etc. Everyone was required to wear masks in public. Some people were against the idea of masks, they believed the virus wasn’t that big of a deal. 

 During quarantine, the government decided kids still needed to finish school. They chose to have online school until the virus stopped or cases dropped. At first, a lot of students were happy because they didn’t have to physically go to school. Students tend to slack off at home because being at home makes you think you don’t have to do anything.  As time went on, I started to notice that online school wasn’t really helping me academically. It got very hard for me and other students to actually learn when they could barely focus or concentrate while working from home. 

As the quarantine went on, teens started getting bored because they stayed inside their house for most of the year doing nothing. They couldn’t go out and do normal things they were able to do before Covid. Suicide rates have increased ever since Covid hit, 40.9% have been dealing with some mental health issues ever since Covid had hit. The feeling of despair got to teens. Being home too much can cause depression and loneliness, this could potentially lead to suicide. Covid has had a huge impact on teens, and including the whole world, people from around the world had even said Covid changed lives, routines, everyday lives. Including myself have been affected mentally and emotionally by Covid. So many have said Covid has affected their mental health negatively, to the point where they want to quit and give up. Now things have gotten a little better and everything is slowly going back to normal, kids have now started going back to school and catching up on their education.