What goes through the mind of a Student taking an AP Course

Josue is a Staff Writer.

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To some, just hearing the word AP (Advanced Placement), certainly sounds intimidating. Quite a bit of people avoid these classes and I understand why they do or why they would. The thing is, these are classes that could affect one’s future for the better. Taking an advanced course allows students to earn college credits while in high school. Colleges look for students who take those courses. Mrs. Breitwieser, who teaches AP Language and Composition at Verrado Highschool, said to her class, “Just taking advanced placement classes attracts colleges”. 

I am currently a Junior at Verrado taking three advanced placement classes. I’m not going to lie, it really can become a handful at times. I had to quit the sport I love for these classes, but if you do the work and put in the time and effort, nothing but success will come out of it. For those who are currently taking an AP class or even honors at the moment, I know how you feel when you think the world is crumbling because you have to take a quiz in math and a writing test in English and take notes in history class. Don’t lose yourself, the mind indeed is a powerful thing, so use it to your advantage. Hard work always pays off. 

Now, the one thing that worried me, and might even worry others, is how one manages to get through an AP class. And the truth is, it’s all within a positive mindset. As the year progresses, more and more assignments and tests are going to be thrown your way, and almost immediately the amount of work you see gets to your head. You begin to stress out, and you begin to procrastinate. Without knowing that pile of work you once had doubled and you start to think that maybe you aren’t ready for the class yet. You want to drop the class because all of that overthinking got the better of you. The key is to always try to make the best out of any situation. That pile of work you have, finish it one assignment at a time. You think you might have time to do it later, well don’t. Finish your work then and there and enjoy your time later. Avoid the stress before it even starts.

This might be a rough way to approach an AP class, but it will help get you through the course. It’s working for me so far. The option is there. Challenge yourself, and give it a try.