What Does Climate Change Look Like in Arizona?

Jocelyn Lopez

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Letting Go
August 25, 2022

We can all see that the monsoon season has been a bit different the last two years. It seems insane that it has changed over time due to multiple factors that are happening globally. Global Warming is taking a huge effect on Arizona due to the rainfall, dust storms, and to all the flooding that has been happening in the valley.

We all remember that the monsoon season didn’t end up coming last year. So, this leads us to think that the weather would still be the same, but that wasn’t the case. There were very few dust storms that happened this year. In Arizona, we only had around one to two dust storms in the valley. Usually, throughout the years, we should have around one to three gigatons every year. After all the things happening with global warming, it has taken a toll on the Monsoon Season that we all know. 

If you look at all the rainfall that was happening, it was never during the day, it was always in the night. With all the rain in the night or late afternoon, many locals questioned why this was happening. This has been a big factor during this year’s monsoon season. We should have an average of 2.2 inches of rainfall every year but this year we had 8 inches just in July. This was a huge surprise after the late start of this year. This year of rain marks the moistest year since 2008.

What about all the flooding that happened this year? Some floods have swept away cars, damaged houses, and also injured many people this year. After all the rain that has come this monsoon season, this leads to multiple floods. These floods were extremely powerful and did not go without being heard about all around the valley. This leads many families to lose their houses and some of those families also lost some of their loved ones. 

So now you see what is going on with this year’s monsoon season and all the different effects it has on the Arizona locals. All of these factors come together to make it the most interesting monsoon season out of all the other years.