TikTok banning the newest “Milk Crate Challenge”

Jocelyn Lopez

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Letting Go
August 25, 2022
Milk crate diagram

With all the trends that are going around on TikTok, I’m pretty sure that most of us have seen the newest challenge that is called the “Milk Crate Challenge”. From seeing it on the app itself to even seeing people try to do it on Instagram. This challenge is one that everyone will remember. Now it is violating all the community guidelines and is now getting banned from happening. 

This challenge is when people would be on a pyramid of milk crates and people would then attempt to walk on top of them until they get to the end. There are reasons why TikTok is now banning this challenge. It has been reported that the “milk crate challenge” is coming out with a lot of injuries. This is the challenge that everyone was having a blast watching, but had consequences when doing. People are hurting themselves to an extent that other people want to attempt to see if they can get farther than the person they saw doing it last. This trend was going crazy and was finally getting noticed by other people that we’re thinking that this wasn’t a bright idea. Many people might think that this can influence the younger generations and give them the wrong idea.

People are tripping on the crates or the crates are wobbling and they can’t hold themselves. This challenge can affect people in the long run with all the different types of injuries that can occur with attempting this. People should be thinking about how this is dangerous for your health if you are attempting a challenge that is proven to be unsuccessful. If you really are wanting to do this, do some research before attempting because Dr. Nehemiah Mabry has said that, “So the problem here is that it’s a staircase or a pyramid but that these are essentially individual columns of crates stacked on top of each other, and they’re not just any columns, they are totally unsupported columns.” He said that columns are supposed to be designed against a failure called buckling and whatever is on the top would have to support itself. So when you are on the top of one of the columns, there is a 99% chance that you would fall.

This is also affecting most of the parents that have children on the app. For those parents to hear that their child has injured themselves on a “stupid challenge” can be a wake-up call for both parents and kids. This makes parents worry about what is on the internet and what can hurt them or most importantly their kids. This should be a huge factor why TikTok should be taking this away from the media. It can make parents feel like it influences their children, also because it doesn’t have a warning at the bottom of the video like most of them do. It seems harmless and would make the younger generations try it and not know it can end up injuring them.

So you might think that it’s fun to see other people attempt this, but in reality, you don’t know what it would feel like to be the ones that have attempted and failed. All the injuries are what is leading to the final product of TikTok banning the “Milk Crate Challenge”. People should really look into researching something that they think they want to do and see that the statistics of you actually attempting this challenge is almost impossible. It’s best if they get it done and over with after all the things that were happening to people.