Verrado Vipers VS Desert View Jaguars

Peter is a Staff Writer.

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Week 2 kicked off for the Verrado football team in Tucson last Friday against the Desert View Jaguars. This game was a very rough one for the vipers with the final score being 19-20, Jaguars. The Vipers kicked off to start the game and almost immediately the Jaguars were dominating us. They busted straight through our defense throughout the first quarter and even through the second quarter. The jaguars put up 20 points on the Vipers in just the first quarter and we were stuck at 0 throughout the entirety of the first half. 

Our team was not doing well. As halftime came around the game had seemed as if it was lost but that was not the case for the Vipers in the second half. Our defense stopped every single drive and made tons of tackles for losses and gave our offense every opportunity to get back out there. Early in the game we were getting stuck at the red zone and were not able to put points on the board but in the second half Erik Santiago(#7) came through and marched the offense down with throws to Trey Nelson(#88), Gavin Oster(#80). We were looking sharp in the second half and put up 13 points in the third quarter. Our defense continued to dominate the Jaguars’ offense throughout the fourth quarter and our offense scored another touchdown but the PAT was missed. In the end, the game was lost but the Vipers played an incredible second half of football. After the vipers came out of that locker room for the second half, not a single first down or touchdown was scored by the Jaguars.