Angels and Demons: A Puzzle-Solving Classic

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Angels and Demons: A Puzzle-Solving Classic

Angels and Demons is an action/puzzle-solving movie it follows a symbologist (played by Tom Hanks who is brought to see a small detail in a video that shows someone has kidnapped five popes mostly from different parts of the world), and a scientist (Ayelet Zurer) who is working on a theoretical quest to create matter, the scientists that are working along with her had successfully done that. The purpose was to show that the universe was created in a different and natural way than some of the many religious standpoints might say about how god or gods (this is depending on the religious point) created the universe. When the scientists stabilize the three pieces of matter they soon find that the head scientist is dead and one of the cylinders is gone and then the story truly begins. 

At the beginning of the film we start in an indoor pool where we find Robert Langdon, a teacher of symbology at his university who is enjoying his swim as he is continuing on, he notices a man walking to the edge of the pool trying to approach as he is turning his head for air. When Langdon reaches the edge he notices the seal on the clip of the suitcase the man is holding “Your part of the Vatican in Rome aren’t you?” 

“Beg your pardon sir,” the man said, “What makes you say that professor?” 

Langdon surmises the man appears jetlagged and the two of them then cut to them walking outside towards Langdon’s office where the mystery man gives Langdon a note which said ‘Illuminati’. An old enemy has come back to the surface once again and Professor Langdon is about to have the most intense trip he might ever be on yet. Let’s hope this eldest enemy in history isn’t too far ahead, or Rome might collapse around them along with 2.9 million lives.

The movie has a lot of satisfying puzzles in this action-adventure movie, the movie also gives a lot of special points in history which is closely accurate to some of the world’s true history about the Illuminati, the origins of the universe, etc. giving the movie a more religious-like standpoint and scientific along-side the idea. The writing of the story is well made and it takes its time with it, along with the fact that the actors for Angels and Demons have some of the most well-known actors who play their roles well. The movie has a common blueprint with most films, it has common pinpoints of exposition, it has plenty of room for subtle history facts, and it has some good climax, plus twists and turns to keep the movie more filling than normal. 

Some of the weaker points of the movie are one of the characters father had become a detail of the story but soon became a non-existent detail and so it became a very thin detail of the movie, which made one of the characters feel weaker also and I wish it could have had a stronger way of making that detail a ticker frame for the story. Another weak detail of the movie was one of the sudden details of the movie that was a little loose towards the scene but it was appropriate enough that it made the movie a little more interesting. 

Overall the story had some good riddles, puzzles, and historical facts which made its way into a good thriller genre with solid action, interesting climax with good actors. This movie has left an impact on my personal view of movies and it remains one of many favorites for most and it has left an impact including the first and last one of the trilogy and it could not have been better.