Having A Four Day School Week Is Beneficial


Jake Gonzales, Staff Writer

As students transition back to a normal classroom setting for the first time since March of 2020, a lot of the emotions and stresses of school are also making a comeback. Sure seeing all your friends every day is fun and the enjoyment of sports without any covid restrictions is much easier. But, the stress felt in the classroom is something that can be challenging for students. No longer can google be used on every test and worksheet. A normal five-day week is quite in contrast from the Covid-19 school year, a year which consisted of much online learning, and the in-person teaching during Covid put teachers and students in unfamiliar territory. 

These massive changes created a whole new schedule, one that included having no school on Wednesdays. During all the chaos this change seemed to be a welcomed one for Verrado students. The off-day during the week allowed for students to take a quick break and have a fresh and clear mindset for the remaining two days. 

This break is something I think could still be implemented, even after covid is old news. Schools claim to care about student’s well-being, but then proceed to cram in as many assignments and tests as possible in 5 days. A shortened week can do a lot for one’s morale. No longer do you have to struggle through the week but you can approach it as two, 2-day intervals. 

This shortened school week has multiple other benefits. It improves attendance due to the fact that people aren’t as tired with the day off. It also costs less for the schools as they only have to fund certain programs for four days instead of 5. Some studies show this leads to a less stressful environment. This is in part due to everyone being more relaxed and positive because there is less stress on them. The grades also improve. Four days means fewer assignments and fewer tests, so this decreases the chances of one falling behind on schoolwork and homework. The additional day also gives more time to prepare for tests or certain important exams, which improves the performance on those. 

I believe going forward all schools should consider transitioning to a 4 day school week. It is beneficial to both students and teachers and makes their job easier and less stressful.