Is Oregano’s Really That Good?

Caleb is a Staff Writer.

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Oreganos Pizza

In Most recent areas there are many good places for food but in Arizona, Italian sounds the best. At Oreganos you will find many appetizing foods like their filling meatball subs, spaghetti, and their famous pizzas. Oreganos is one of the most well known Italian restaurants in Arizona but how good will it be compared to other restaurants in AZ let’s take a look at what they have and what makes this such a good place for some craving for something 

Right before you walk in you notice there is outside dining at the front which also has heat lamps for outside when you are in the cold, so they have them for forward-thinking. When you go into the restaurant you’re greeted with some strong smells of spices and different kinds of meat which comes from a meatball sub or a pizza from their menu. The staff in the restaurant are well trained and the seating is quite comfortable, to say the least, they also have a decor of the most random but interesting things to fit the timeliness they are conveying they also have a wide range of foods appetizers and for the kids, they have the dough to play with as they wait for their food. When your food gets out you met with some big proportions depending on the kind of plate you have the subs are almost a foot long, the pizza is close to the 10-11 in the mark. 

My experience of this restaurant is varied but I remember very vividly they have a nice and subtle ambiance for this restaurant. They have staff there who has a good attitude to what they do they also have good reviews from what was heard from friends or family. The food there from what I’ve ordered is really good they have a BBQ chicken pizza with sweet BBQ sauce with chicken and all of the best features to a pizza. The meatballs sub have the rich and thick tomato sauce the best meat for their meatballs and the cheese that is used for the sub Is the best they have which is stringy and has the best taste with the sub. Some of the other selections as well are well done and family and friends that have been there saying that the selection of meals they had was very good and they describe the details so well and they say without a doubt that they would go back another time. 

One setback to the restaurant is the prices of the food, some of their food can be quite pricey but if that is not an issue then it makes it void, another issue is the wait that you might run into, some Oreganos that I’ve been to have some long waits that usually take 35 mins minimum or longer, Oreganos to most people is the most well-known places in Goodyear so most people will give a y shot they get to get a seats ASAP. Lastly, the only other thing that has a minor setback to them can be the wait for the food, it vaguely depends on the time that you get your seat, the waiter’s tables, and the process of what meal from the menu you ordered. 

Overall this restaurant has a lot to give in a small area. They definitely have small setbacks, but they deserve the chance to have the population know their business. They have proven to me and to some that this restaurant can get the title of the best restaurant in the valley. If you are someone who likes Italian and likes a good ambiance then this could be the right place for you, and maybe your kids will like it too.