Have a Spooktacular Halloween at Disney


Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief

It is Halloween time in Disneyland again! Disney brought back Halloween time after being closed last year and not being able to do it. My family made the trip to Disneyland over fall break to get into the Halloween spirit. We were all excited to see all the decor, special foods, the character costumes, and the spooky alterations to the rides.

Both of the parks had unique decorations. Disneyland park had more orange tones and seemed to be more for the treated side of Halloween. The California adventure was more of the trick. It had more purples and blacks and spooky Jack-o’-lanterns rather than cute orange pumpkins. 

My personal favorite decorated area was cars land. I loved the Jack-o’-lantern cones. In Disneyland Park, I enjoyed the front of the park. They had a ginormous Mickey pumpkin at the front. The characters make appearances in their costumes on the balcony.

One of the biggest drawbacks about going during Halloween is the lines. It was very busy. Since Disney doesn’t have the fast pass program anymore, it became difficult to fit everything in with the long lines. Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular rides during this time, and it never dropped below 60 minutes the whole day. The decor was cool for a Haunted mansion, but it also stays up all through Christmas, so if you go several times during the holidays, you could wait. Another ride that has a Halloween theme is Guardians of the Galaxy. As this is my favorite ride, this was at the top of my list. It did not disappoint. They made a few subtle changes. The music and the drop sequence all had a spooky element added to them. I recommend if you do go to Disney during the holidays, go multiple days. My family spent around 13 hours there, and we had to skip some of our favorite rides. 

The seasonal foods were awesome. My family had a vampire mickey from the Pacific Wharf Cafe, and everyone’s personal favorite was the trick or treat Sunday. It had chocolate and gummy bear ice cream scoops topped with all the candy you can imagine and served in a mickey kitchen sink.

Is Halloween Time at Disney worth going to? If you are a Disney person, yes. Seeing the characters in their costumes and all the decorations is awesome. But if you are not a Disney person and don’t care about the decor, it is probably not the best time for you to go. The long lines definitely can be a mood killer. Overall I enjoyed getting in the fall and Halloween spirit, and would go again!