VENOM: Let There Be Carnage

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The new Venom movie is out and for someone who is named after a Marvel character you can bet your house I’m a huge Marvel fan so how did this movie do. Was it a good watch? Let’s talk about the movie and find out. Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet 

The movie follows Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy )who has been infected with a symbiote named venom which he goes on adventures with as a Lethal protector. As a huge fan of venom in the comics, this adaptation of everyone’s favorite bad guy-eating symbiote is fun and exciting and has so much of that dark humor that made me love him in the first place. Now as he talks with a serial killer Cletus Kasady(Woody Harrelson)  Cletus is being held in a prison for a huge murder spree. Which is close to what happened in the comics-making us hardcore fans happy and excited Eddie speaks with Cletus and discovers where Cletus has hidden the body of his victims. After this discovery, Cletus is given the death penalty and asks Eddie to see him one last time. At the visit, Eddie is bitten by Cletus, and in that bite, the symbiote in Eddie (venom) transmitted a small sample to Cletus creating a new symbiote (carnage) with this new symbiote Cletus go on a rampage killing many people and hunting down Eddie and venom who at this point in time have broken up due to ongoing problems in there relationship because they have to share a body to survive. 

Cletus captures Eddie’s ex-fiance, Anne to use as bait to bring Eddie to him at a church where they will have the final showdown Eddie kills Cletus in the fight-ending the movie with one last joke from venom which made my whole family laugh. The real question is if the movie is a good watch. The movie was funny and my whole family loved it. This movie had a slight problem with pacing and at times tried a little too hard to be funny. But overall it was a great movie with great characters and even better lines and I highly recommend it to all those who are looking for a good laugh, and intense situations. The character of venom is so dynamic and the fact that he and Eddie fight throughout the movie about the body they share brings a huge amount of comedic moments and laughs. On top of that Cletus, himself was an almost perfect antagonist for our lethal protector.