A Not So Good Shift in Student Behavior


During my freshman year of 2019-2020, it wasn’t so different from this year regarding the behavior. There were many fights, fire alarms, and suspensions, but they were more contained and didn’t happen as often as today. Freshman year, most of the issues were under control, and since COVID wasn’t a thing for a while no one was locked up at home or attention-seeking as often as today. So far this school year there have been tons of fights and fire alarms have been constantly going off. Many students have been frustrated that the whole school has to be punished for other students’ behaviors. So, what can we do to change that?

  The student council has had a great idea on how to change other students’ behavior affecting other students that aren’t involved. Student body Vice President Stephanie Montes says, “To change all these behavior issues, I think the students should be recognized for doing good things even if it is a small act. I think this will create a domino effect of good behavior and spread throughout the student body.” “If a student sees a friend doing something good and gets recognized for it then it might motivate them to do the same.”

   These issues may happen because everyone has been stuck at home for so long and now some want attention from other students. People may act out now that they are back in school, so they can gain popularity. So they can stand out from everyone else. This also can reciprocate to other people of being recognized, people want to be noticed in a large crowd. The backpack situation being one of them. It’s bad that we have consequences for others’ doings. Stephanie also said, “These things affect the school environment, other people.” “We will always be wondering what will happen today.” Students are doing this because they want to be “popular”. No one is really popular at high school, it’s not worth being suspended or stealing things from teachers. What other juniors are realizing is that not only are the students affecting themselves but others as well. With regards to the suspensions, I hope that person understands their actions and has learned from them.

  Overall, this school year has had a ton of events happen so far. Compared to freshman year, a lot has happened since then. We only hope that these students learn from their actions and gain an understanding of the effects of their actions.