The Arizona Cardinals are Soaring


Josue Gil, Entertainment & Reviews Editor

The Arizona Cardinals are on a roll. After many years, the Cardinals seem to be having momentum in their season. The last good season I can remember was back in 2015 where they made the playoffs but had an unfortunate loss towards the NFC champions the Carolina Panthers. Since then, they haven’t had a successful season. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and although I should be cheering them on, my home state’s team has the spotlight as of now. Being the only team in the whole NFL who is undefeated going on to 6-0. Could this be the team that takes the Cardinals to the playoffs? Or better yet to another Super Bowl? For the past few seasons, Arizona has been forming a new team with their quarterback Kyler Murray being drafted back in 2019, DeAndre Hopkins being traded in 2020, and JJ Watt being traded earlier in the year. They have also had some trades that aren’t noticeable but certainly bring a huge boost to this team such as AJ Green and James Connor, but they also have some long-time players such as Chandler Jones, and Budda Baker. A new lineup is born and the Cardinals season is looking very promising. Hopefully, they can keep their season going well, or else all the hype of going undefeated would be useless and certainly become one of the biggest upsets in Cardinal history.