A Deeper Dive Into the Kyrie Irving Situation

Kyrie Irving

Jake Gonzales, Staff Writer

On October 19th, The NBA officially kicked off their 2021-22 season. And While the opening games have been action packed, there was an off the court matter taking over headlines. Portraying a specific player in a negative light. 

Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn Nets star point guard has been one the most interesting personalities throughout his time in the NBA. Since being drafted in 2011 he has been one of the more charitable figures in the league. 

Early in the pandemic Irving donated over 500k dollars to Feeding America, as well as giving 250k free meals throughout the New York area. He also bought a house for the family of George Floyd. Irving said it was to “fulfill our purpose in serving a lot of underserved communities.”  Helping people that are in rather unfortunate financial situations is something that Irving takes very seriously, if you look at his track record of donations. In the beginning of 2021 Irving fully covered the tuition of nine students attending Lincoln University, a HBCU. In March of 2019 he donated school supplies to 25 teenage girls in Kenya. This donation was through a group that helps women affected by post trauma. 

Those are just some of the many donations and causes that Kyrie Irving has impacted during his time in the NBA. It’s a pretty typical stereotype that pro athletes do charity events for the sole purpose of gaining good pr. Irving, however, is an outlier. WIth most of his charitable acts he doesn’t gloat about them or even talk much about them. It is usually after someone in the media asks him a question about a certain donation, that he will finally address it. 

All these actions may have you wondering, “How can he be in the news for a bad reason.” And it centers around vaccination. Kyrie Irving is part of the 5% of the NBA that has not taken any dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. He explained his reasoning in an instagram live, ”It is about my life and what I am choosing to do.” More recently, Irving was seen on social media liking and engaging in conspiracy theories about covid-19. The posts he liked claimed that the vaccine contained a microchip. He also liked posts that stated that secret societies are implanting vaccines in a plot to connect black people to a master computer for a plan of satan. 

This is not the first time Irving has tried to push something that is provably false. In the past he has embraced conspiracies such as the moon landing being faked by the government. Also talking about how the Earth is flat. These conspiracies that have been proven false for decades now, and Kyrie, who attended Duke university, trying to pass them along as possibly being true is part of what makes Kyrie a controversial figure. 

While there’s nothing wrong with talking about these conspiracies, trying to convince people of them when you have such a large and impressionable audience is not a smart idea.

This is why the media tends to paint a negative picture of Kyrie. While he has done so much for so many different demographics. He can sometimes say things that go against the grain of what a majority of people think. And why sometimes his good deeds are overshadowed by his interesting comments.