Meditation: the Secret to Improved Grades and Better Sleep


Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief

Many students I have spoken to think they don’t have the attention span for meditation or that it is weird. What many students don’t know is that meditation is a great way to improve focus, sleep, and increase self-awareness.

 As someone who practices meditation, I see the benefits. I try to meditate before bed, especially if I am having trouble going to bed, before I play a soccer game, or have a big test. Meditation serves as a way for me to calm down and focus on the task at hand.  I am a strong believer in meditation, even to the point where my friends almost refuse to do it because I talk about it so much. Since I started meditation about a year ago, I have noticed an improvement in my grades and my overall well-being. 

According to Upwell Health, an online health platform, the benefits of meditation in high school students include better test scores and grades, enhanced learning abilities, improved memory, better sleep, and enhanced creativity just to name a few. It is a free method to try to better your sleep and focus, therefore making you a better student, athlete, and artist.

You can try meditation for free on Youtube by downloading the Calm app or signing up for the meditation sessions available in viper connect. The next time you have a couple of minutes to spare, try out meditation. It just might be the thing that your school life is missing. I have listed below several free meditations for students if you would like to try them!



Free meditation for students: 

Khan Academy meditation playlist for high school students: 

Classroom Meditations: