We Were Liars: Book Review

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September 16, 2022

Psychological thrillers have always been my favorite genre of books to read, so when I was recommended We Were Liars I was eager to get it from Verrado Highschool’s library. We Were Liars is young adult fiction with mystery and an unexpected ending that makes every one of its readers astonished. This book came out on May 13th, 2014. Despite the age of this book, it went viral on Booktok (TikTok for readers) recently and can be recognized by a lot of its past readers. This book was written by E.Lockhart and can be found in Verrado highschool’s Library.

This mystery book is based on the Sinclairs, a wealthy family who owns a private island they go to every summer. The protagonist is Cadence Sinclair, who tells the story of her and her family’s vacations at their private island until her accident of ‘summer fifteen’. Cadence’s accident was a brain injury that took away her memories of summer fifteen. Eventually, after two years from the accident, she starts to remember the horrors and truth of who her family truly is and what tragic incident happened the night of her injury.

I would recommend this book to you because of the intriguing metaphors, anticipation, and shock you get from each page. This book does an incredible job at describing characters who seem innocent but are guilty liars. We Were Liars is the kind of book that you don’t want to put down because each page brings a new level of suspense. If psychological thrillers with shocking endings are what you look for in a book, We Were Liars could soon become one of your favorites. If you are interested in reading this book, it is available in the Verrado Highschools library, Amazon books, and Barnes and Nobles