Was the Arizona State Fair 2021 Worth it?

Josue is a Staff Writer.

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Like most people who live here in Arizona know, October is known for having the State Fair come to Phoenix and giving everyone here a chance to go have fun with all the games, food, events, and attractions. They came earlier in the year around May 2021 for a few weeks to make up for the previous year when they weren’t able to come due to Covid-19. Like the previous years, there was an option to buy a wristband that gives you unlimited access to all the rides. Except that in May, not all the rides were there. I’d say probably about more than half the rides weren’t there along with the little petting zoo and games. Even though most of the fair wasn’t there in May, because of the wristband, people were able to get on rides multiple times whenever they wanted. So it wasn’t all so bad since people were allowed to have fun regardless. 

When September came around, social media was posting and mentioning the return of the State Fair coming in October. As usual, people were excited to have the whole fair back. Especially because most schools have a fall break in October so a good way to enjoy and take advantage of the break is to take your family or friends to the fair and have a good time. And like most people I did exactly that. Now if I’m being honest the fair was fun, I enjoyed the time I spent with my friends, but the one thing that bothered me as well as my friends was the amount of money we had spent. Altogether, I would say we spent about $600. This was crazy to us because when we went earlier in the year we had spent less than $200, and had unlimited rides. This year there was no option for a wristband that had unlimited rides. Instead, you had to spend money to get tickets. With a specific amount of tickets, you were able to get on rides or play the fair games if you had enough. In this case, we spent $50 on 100 tickets. We didn’t know how many tickets each ride or game would cost so we just assumed it’d be about 5 tickets per ride and like 3 tickets per game. To our surprise, we were wrong.

Each ride was around 15-20 tickets and each game was about 13-15 tickets. We were mind-blown by how expensive the tickets and rides were. This was nothing compared to earlier in the year or even the past years before Covid-19 came. We tried not to think too much about it and tried to ignore it. We were there for about 2 hours and only got on 7 or maybe fewer rides. And we played only 3 games. We left the fair and went to go eat and that’s when we realized how much we had spent. When buying our food, we realized most of the money we each brought was already gone. 

I won’t say I didn’t have a good time at the fair. I certainly did. The fair wasn’t too bad; it certainly was fun for the few rides we got on and the few games we played. One thing is for sure, spending around $600 is not worth the few things you and a group of friends could do.