Retro Bowl Fever

Caleb is a Staff Writer.

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With today‘s games players look for something to do, they want to find something to look forward to and entertain themselves, we start to look on the internet reviews, ratings, and friends opinions: we look to anything that can be able to satisfy any sort of itch that is in the back of our brain, but sometimes it doesn’t quite touch it for you. You’re still having that itch but it is growing, harder to resist. The game I’m reviewing today has become the most addicting game ever played thus far. And it could satisfy that itch once and for all. 

First, to understand the game we have to find the creator’s inspiration and how the direction of the game made its way to the top game of 2021. The game came out on October 5 2021 made by New Star Games Ltd. They are a game company who have made retro-style games such as Retro Goal, and they have a good reputation when comes their games and an article by New stars say “Retro Bowl is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point presented in a glorious retro-style” this continues with “It has simple roster management, while on the field you get to call the shots” this is pointing to the idea of the roster decisions for your team they give the option of choosing the players the, the field plan, etc. to earn your team a victory. Looking at the game itself it has a lot of interesting details put into this modernized retro game, when you start playing you have the field plans that show the options you pick it and you have a meter that pops up that represents your distance of the throw they have coded the throw to have a chance of being incomplete and pass the ball smoothly which shows the effort and authenticity of the game, the game gives the option to pick a known team or create the next biggest team and team players. 

The first initial thought of this game was that it would be too boring. There’s not too much to the game but when people started to play the game, it had blown up a hole in the minds of the retro games community that it was so noticeable it spread like a disease, everyone had a Retro Bowl fever. This game has given many good pros and cons to the retro games community.

Evan, a student at Verrado, has fun playing this game and he says “This game is a lot of fun, and everyone started playing it… as soon as I saw my friends playing it, I got it yesterday, and It’s addicting…” He also adds by saying “If you love sports and you like to play video games then this is a good game to get” One thing else to note is it is free so save every penny you have because you don’t have to blow any money on this game just download on the app store and play the game and be the best team. 

Some cons to the game, however, are that you don’t exactly get to pick the players you want to put into the game but that is possible because they do that it gives more feeling of the real game, in football, the idea is you have to choose who you want in or out and this gives the idea that they need to randomized otherwise players might get too comfortable with the team too soon so they give more variety to the game and they have the chance to try out everyone’s strengths and weakness in the teams. The teams seemed to be the only thing that stood out to the players, everything, as they say, was well planned out and easier to get entranced on the game but the other thing that might be worth noting for cons is that the game is quite finicky with most devices so that if you have any type of android or Ios platform look for the outcomes of downloading this and how will it affect your phone, computer, any electronics that can cope with the system of the game. 

The cherry on top of this game has so much to offer and it has made its way to this point and it has been New Star Games’ top game. The game has almost accurate field tactics that make it more different than most current retro-style video games. This game is great for all ages of football and this is a good game for fans of football and gamers, and it deserves a chance for more attention than it already has currently. And the game is widely diverse on three different app platforms, also on the Google app store, the app store on apple, and Poki which means about everyone can get this game.