Model Call For Fashion Club

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March 15, 2022

Do you want a fun experience where you can talk to many different people and model and wear different types of clothes? Then the fashion club might be for you. Becoming a fashion model is something that is challenging but offers a great experience. The fashion club is looking for students that are willing to learn how to become fashion models. Being in the fashion club means that you’ll be planning the lines and the clothing and finding people for the clothing to model. Creativity is a big part of the fashion club and it’s a way to express your way of thinking. You have to have the dedication and a lot of time for it and be really committed to putting your vision to life. They have meetings every Monday so a decent amount of time is needed for the club. The fashion club is a good way to interact with many different people because you get to see many different people’s ways of thinking when trying to get the same task done. The environment is very welcoming and everyone wants to see each other succeed. If you’re interested in the fashion club then see Ms. Barnes in room B8.