Juggling It All

Gabby Comer

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Is Speak Now Next?
November 10, 2022

These days it seems adults are always encouraging high school students to do all the activities they can. They always say do it all in high school. Be involved. It is almost a way for them to have us live the way they always wanted to but didn’t because during their high school years they didn’t value getting involved. We are also encouraged to not only get good grades but do sports or be a part of clubs because it looks better to the college admissions offices. Is doing all of these extracurriculars making us better human beings and more prepared for the world?

Since I moved here, I have flung myself into several different clubs and sports activities. I do club soccer, school soccer, and theatre. I am a part of these clubs while also being in all honors and 2 AP classes. While I am so grateful I get to do everything I love, and most of the time it is very manageable, there are times I regret all of my life choices. For example, the past two weeks all 3 of my extracurriculars collided into a monster of two weeks. Two weeks ago I had the show, soccer tryouts, and a club soccer game. Last week, I had school soccer every day after school, one club soccer practice, and 5 club soccer games. While I am doing all of these things I am having a great time, however, when I get home in the evenings, I am met with a ton of homework. Of course, I did this to myself, but it still is hard and seems like I have no break.

I also talked to my friends, and they agreed with me that all of the extracurricular activities and school work can be very difficult. For example, my friend Hailey, who did club swim, school swim and is in honors classes, and an AP class, talked about how during the school season, she would wake up at four every morning, go to practice, then school, then another swim practice, and wouldn’t have time for any of her homework. 

Little has been done to fix this problem. Student-athletes gravitate towards the fun Viper Connect because they want to be distracted from the stress of school. This school-wide study hall would allow busy students to be forced to face their schoolwork and have a definite time cut out of the day to do school work. While there is no clear solution to the stress of school and extra-curricular, students need to help in balancing all the academics, activities, and pressures of life in high school. Do you have any solutions for this?