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Courtesy of Believing in the Bizarre

Logo for the Believing in the Bizarre podcast, a paranormal episodic featuring legends.

Since Covid began it seems like podcasts have taken over the internet and the streaming world, while yes podcasts have been around for a while before Covid, it only feels like recently they have taken off. For example, the TMG and H3 podcasts were both producing episodes years before Covid was even a thought, and while they were popular before the lockdowns, during and afterward they exploded, enough to the point that the TMG podcast has been able to do multiple live shows and start their own production company, TMG studios. But what about the podcast that didn’t have an audience or even exist before the pandemic? 

This was where new podcasts were able to shine, with the lockdowns and people being barely able to leave the house. We needed something to entertain ourselves and keep ourselves busy. This is when one of my favorite podcasts was born, from the drive of 2 men who just wanted to entertain people. Let me introduce you to Believing the Bizarre, a podcast as weird as you are. As the name suggests, Believing the Bizarre is a podcast based around bizarre and paranormal topics. 

The creators of the podcast, Tyler and Charlie, have always had a knack for entertaining people. At first, they tried to start a band, which unfortunately didn’t take off, a production company that created sketches, web shows, and a feature film, which again gained little traction, then they started up the band again which was able to play in front of crowds and even produce an ep, but ended up being a Covid casualty. Then in 2019, they started their first podcast, it was a local one reviewing restaurants for the first week of every month, movie theaters for the second, and local artists for the third but for the fourth week of every month they always talked about the paranormal which was one of their passions. 

After a while, they knew they didn’t want to keep it local, in their words “ Plus, why would anyone outside of Northeast Ohio care about our interviews or restaurant reviews.” They compared all their passions and what they were interested in, and the only thing across the board was paranormal, which was the best option seeing as how quickly it took off, for comparison, their old podcast was seeing only 50 downloads a week, Believing the Bizzare is seeing a 1000 downloads a day, and as of recently hit 200k downloads, keep in mind they only have 82 episodes at the time of writing this, and recently have just started getting ad sponsors on their episodes. 

While the podcast may have taken off more quickly than anticipated, they never took anything for granted, they both put in all the work from finding the topic, research, writing the script, editing, publishing, and creating outreach on top of having everyday jobs, which Tyler said makes him appreciate every episode, review, post and interaction they get. So now that we know the story of the podcast, what are the actual episodes like? In my honest opinion, it is one of the best podcasts I have listened to. Now it could be because I am a huge sucker for the cryptids, aliens, and ghosts, but it is also genuinely interesting to listen to, and I pin that all on the fact that the hosts make it this way, because of just the naturally entertaining people that they are and the dedication to their craft. 

My personal favorite episode is episode 45, the topic is the Navajo legend the Skinwalkers, now the episode itself isn’t scary but when they start reading the personal encounters then I start to get goosebumps. 

One of my favorite aspects of the podcast is the listener submissions, the listener submission is when, as the name suggests, listeners submit their own paranormal experiences and they are read on the podcast. It’s one of my favorite things because of the variety of what is shared and read, and a couple of the stories have given me goosebumps. Whether you’re a fan of the paranormal, want to know more about it, or want a new podcast to listen to, I can not recommend this podcast enough, so, if you’d be so inclined, give Believing the Bizarre a chance and maybe even become a member of their Patreon.