Dune is Expansive

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Dune is Expansive

Movies are a common liking for most people: some enjoy feeling emotion and half-exaggerated action, romance, Drama, etc. to enjoy a good movie. If we’re not seeing any movies we might be reading something and listening to our mix of songs that make the mood easier to get a grip on. And sometimes there are both of those situations in a movie that gives a chance to have the excitement of a movie based on your favorite book. This movie has a lot going on, but it has some really good potential when it is being compared to its own story. 

When we think of Dune we might think of the desert biome with minimal chances of anything being able to survive but in this story, it’s more realistic like advanced age where the characters of the story have suits and equipment that make it much easier to survive in the harsh and unforgiving conditions but they many other obstacles that go along with them such as the wildlife that lives on the planet. The main character of the story is also going through a deal of becoming the next of the royal-like legacy that he seems to want to follow but hesitantly, he also seems to belong to a family of very well-known people with a good reputation. 

This movie begins with the main character named Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet), it seems that he has a dream and when he starts to talk to his mom about it we get the clues that he has been having these dreams ever since he started joining the forces that his father is in charge Leto Atreides (Oscar Issac), eventually they show that His family has an ability that is significant to the people in his home planet, they call it the voice which allows for him or any other person to command someone unwillingly to do anything they say as long as they make the voice clear enough. His father is unaware of the dreams that he is having. Paul also talks to his uncle about his dreams he is a soldier in the big war for a material that is very valuable ti is a spice that is only found in the ocean-like terrain of the desert on another planet, Duncan Idaho (Jason Mamoa) is speaking with Paul about the dreams but Paul is hesitant of telling His uncle about this dream, HIs uncle insists as paul tells the story he is slowly and almost shakily telling him details of what he saw, he told Duncan that his dream was another vision like a glimpse of the future, but this was a premonition of Duncan of Duncan’s death. His uncle shrugs it off Preemptively. Paul is worried that this dream would become reality and that Duncan needs to be wary. 

As Paul is going through his training of becoming a soldier, he is called by the queen of his world, who eventually puts him through the most intense test they have. The Queen uses the voice to command him to kneel in front of her he also has Paul puts his hand in a hand scanner of some sort that starts crushing his hand and it causes him extreme pain but he has to endure as the queen uses a needle against his throat and says that if he moves looks away from her or tries to take his hand from the box he will kill him with the needle but the queen told him the needle is dipped in a poison that would kill him in almost an instance an eighth of a second or more or less. He successfully gets through the test and is sent to the planet Arrakis with his family going along with the armed forces to get this precious spice which is said to be worth millions at least. 

We see that another soldier who is a friend and skilled soldier to the Atreides family named Gurney Hallack (Josh Brolin) is also shown to be Pauls’s mentor to help him prepare for a fight or a war. They start flying to the planet and they are all a little bit on edge as they are aware of the locals and “wildlife” that is present on the planet, the history of the spice is shrouded in tons of history it became the whole reason why it is worth so much it was a part of locals tradition, used for ceremonial purposes, and it was very valuable to others of the planet, and the people, so it created rough treaties or agreements between the worlds so it left a dent in making any sort of ties with anyone after that. 

But Leto finds his way to find locals of the planet who could be able to help get enough resources and have everybody safe from the creatures, the sandworms are what make getting more and more of the spice hard: these creatures are 400 meters, multiple rows of teeth, and the sandworms go as fast as the flyers. Fortunately, they were able to find a(n) old abandoned spice distillery which was safe from the sandworms and were able to get ore spice out of the materials and the other things leftover at this abandoned building. 

This movie is pretty good overall, it has a good story to it, the characters are some of the most commonly known ones so it has a good reputation. The movie is based on a book and there was the 1987 film as well so since it came after all that it has a lot to look up to know that it is out and for people who have read the book have very high expectations as well when it comes to their favorite book or book they have read. But this movie has a lot of good parts, plus, this movie was finished upon what might be a cliffhanger to have more room for grey spaces to be filled and to make it more differentiated than the last film before it. This movie made a really good impact and I think I would recommend this movie for sure.