Living in the Present

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 I have always asked myself things such as “What are you doing after high school?” “What do you want to be in life?” or “What do you want people to remember you by,” constantly stressing me out. This “fixed mindset,” a limiting and negative one, has caused me to worry so much about tomorrow or the future rather than enjoying my company now in the present. And it’s something I am still learning slowly.

This year I have realized that I have missed so many chances and opportunities just worrying and worrying some more about things way beyond my control. When your mind is bouncing around, and your heart is pacing due to fear, it’s almost impossible to be still in the moment and breathe. We all need to get in the habit of being comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It’s okay to be nervous to try new things, it’s okay to have fears, and it’s okay to be vulnerable in your emotions within yourself.

If you struggle with a fixed mindset, I encourage you to work on yourself this year to better your mental being.  Whether it is from working out, getting into a new hobby, reading, meditating, or finding better coping mechanisms. It is never too late for self-growth. I promise you, being still will give you more stability and confidence within yourself. Better experiences and memories are also way more memorable when your head and heart are in the right place, in the moment. Focus on having a growth mindset knowing that you can improve and better yourself rather than being negative, stuck in a slump.