What You Should do for this Upcoming Valentine’s day

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As Valentine’s day makes its annual appearance, many are anticipating the events and goodies that come along with it.  While at times the holiday may seem overwhelming and a tad bit excessive, it does have its perks.  From candy-filled festivals to cute heart-shaped boxes, here are a few things you can (and should) take part in this Valentine’s day.  

One thing that many people do in preparation for Valentine’s day is to purchase and build a Lego set of flower bouquets.  The set includes about 10 flower stems and also includes customizable flower petals inspired by real flowers such as roses, poppies, daisies, and several more.  Though this set is not specifically designed for the holiday, many have taken the set and gifted it to themselves or to someone they care about.  With this, you can have a fun project that takes a traditional gift and turns it into something a little more personal.  

A fun festival that comes along with the holiday is the Paisley Pumpkin Valentine’s street fair.  Taking place on both February 5 and 12, the event will be open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm.  Held in SanTan Village, vendors will provide a sweet experience by selling candles, candies, cakes, and so much more.  This event not only produces an inviting atmosphere, but it also takes place in a great location that has plenty of shops and restaurants to go to once the fair is over.  All in all, the festival is surely worth visiting.  

One thing that many have shown excessive excitement for is the Chick-Fil-a heart-shaped tins.  The Valentine’s Day-themed packaging is used for the breakfast chicken minis, regular nuggets, and cookies.   Though it may not seem like it, the Chick-fil-a heart-shaped tins are one of the most anticipated items during this time of the year and tend to sell out relatively fast.  One of the perks of gifting the adorable tin is that a small gesture like that can bring so much joy to anyone who receives it.  Essentially the tin will be something that many look forward to and you definitely should too.  

Hopefully, this list of ideas gives you the opportunity to have a Valentine’s day filled with fun, lasting memories.