Senioritis Strikes Hard

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    Senior year, the big year that almost everyone looks forward to. The year you finally get to take a big step into a new chapter in your life. It’s the year that leads you into adulthood, some have worked towards this within their 4 years of high school and some are just lucky to be here. No matter the case, this year takes on a huge part in your life and how you will start to build a life for yourself after high school. You may get so excited about what opportunities are ahead of you that you forget you still have to cross the finish line. That’s commonly known as “Senioritis”.

    Senioritis is, according to google’s definitions, a state of mind that consumes students, usually seniors, in their final year of high school or college. This causes a downfall in their encouragement or the way they perform. They call it senioritis because typically it is only something that seniors get at the end of their senior year of high school and/or college. It is usually known to be very problematic and not something you want to develop. You learn to hear this word a lot, especially throughout your senior year at a college or high school. 

    Everyone warns you about this thing called Senioritis, you are constantly reminded to not let it catch up to you. At the beginning of my senior year, the word Ssenioritis was constantly being mentioned to me, and I constantly questioned it. I wondered why this was such a big deal, why must I be reminded of it every single day? 

    It then started to sound like a broken record in the back of my head, saying this word, this phrase, over and over again. You think you’re not gonna catch it but then, you get that one assignment that is due at 11:59 pm. You begin to think, is it even worth it? 

    Why do this assignment when within your 4 years of high school, these assignments have taken nothing but your time and motivation? It tends to feel like the years have been on repeat and they slowly just get harder and longer. You do all this, only to have to come back and do it all over again. It can feel like being stuck in a loop. So, why not take some of that time back? Although you decided that one assignment was not worth the hassle, it suddenly turns into 20 and the list keeps going. That GPA you have worked so hard for starts slipping and the colleges you applied to take away your admission, your scholarships. So what are you left with? Regret? No, that’s what we like to call senioritis.

    To all seniors and future seniors, I know some of you will get to that point in your senior year where you find it hard to keep going. You’ll get so caught up in what is to come after these 4 years, that you forget you still have to make it through 11 more months of high school. No matter the path you have planned to follow, do not let this phrase, this word, be the reason you lose everything you have given nothing but time and effort towards. Look ahead or even in the past and acknowledge everything you will do and have done to get yourself so close to the finish line. Take it one step at a time so then all you have to do is cross it! Let’s finish strong seniors! We’re almost there and we deserve this graduation, this new chapter, this new adventure, more than anything!