Why Krysten Sinema is Bad For Arizona


In 2018, Kyrsten Sinema was elected to represent the Senate in Arizona. A big win for the Democratic party at the time, Sinema was the first woman ever elected for the senate in Arizona, as well as being the first Democrat to win a senate seat in over 30 years. 

 Sinema said all the right things leading up to her election against Martha McSally. Fighting to lower prescription drug prices, offering affordable healthcare, and promoting economic opportunity were all things that she ran on during her 2018 campaign run. Sinema has also been described as “fierce” and a “natural leader” and one of her former ASU professors stated, “What Kyrsten had to say was always a million times smarter than what anyone else had to say.” Sinema would become the first openly bisexual member of congress. 

Sinema’s strong leadership combined with her policies that benefit people, seemed to be a good fit to fight for everyday working people and against the corporation lovers in Washington.

Unfortunately, flash forward to the present day in early 2022 and this is not the case. The problem with Sinema isn’t the fact that she often disagrees and opposes her party’s ideas. If you take a principled stance against your own party, I and many others would view that as a good thing. The problem that arises with Sinema is her ideas and policy decisions are all made up by who is paying her the most. She is the poster child for someone who has been bought by special interests. 

For example, In the President’s Build Back better agenda, one of the main components of it was prescription drug pricing reform. Prescription drugs are medications that a doctor would prescribe to you when you are sick. And if you remember from earlier, lowering the cost of these drugs is something that Sinema was very adamant about during the 2018 campaign run. 

This is also something that polls very high as about 83% of the US population believe the prices of these drugs are either too high or flat out unreasonable. So it would make all the sense in the world that Sinema would back this, but she didn’t. And the reasoning for this is the amount of money she is making from the pharmaceutical industry. 

She has made over 500 thousand dollars from that industry, and that number is steadily increasing year by year. This amount was found using Opensecrets. And that website makes Sinema’s rash and unfavorable stances more clear. 

Opensecrets is a great website that tracks money in politics. It follows the money that politicians get and who gave them the money. And this website also finds that Sinema has taken over 700k from different lobbyists. A Lobbyist is someone who can pay their way into having political influence. 

And this is the main reason why Sinema is a roadblock for the democratic party, rather than a helpful asset. Her job is to look out for the interests of the people of Arizona, but since taking office she had done the complete opposite of that. She took over 28 million dollars from special interest groups throughout her time in office. This is a major red flag. When you have all these other voices in your head telling you what to do and what not to do, it can send your priorities spirling. And I believe that there is enough evidence to say that this is what has happened to Sinema. 

Sinema is up for reelection again this year, but she will have major work to do. She currently has her lowest approval rating since being in office. Among Democrats in Arizona, 70 percent of them disapprove of the job she is doing. And a recent poll from Business Insider shows Sinema having higher approval ratings from Republicans than Democrats. She will have to reestablish her core base going into the midterm election.