The Path to YOUR Career

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    April 1, 2022

    For as long as I could remember, I’ve constantly wondered how someone could be so confidently certain in the occupation they would go on to pursue in life. If it was even possible to have it all mapped out and how they made it seem so simple. What leads up to this decision? What are you supposed to look for? Do you look at how much money you will be taking home or do you choose to follow the one thing you find fascinating no matter the income? 

    I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. I had no idea what I would do with my future. It was not the type of decision I could make overnight. This decision caused my heart and head to be at war. They were at war with what was right for me. It was a long and constant war. I wondered whether I should choose money or happiness? And why exactly could I not have both? 

    I know growing up as young adults, we constantly are being told we need to pick a career by sophomore year of high school, or at least that is what I was told. I feel that it is okay to take your time to learn and decide what it is you truly want. It is okay to not have made up your decision by this time. After all, the best decisions take the most time. You only have one life, one shot. Why not make it count? I had been back and forth between so many occupations throughout my years of high school that I feared I would never really be able to find such a thing. Take it from a senior who is in high school and made her decision within this year. The decision was not easy and it was mainly based on events and people who have helped me find where I want my education and future career to take place in my life.

    If you are wondering how and if I ever came to my decision on what career I would pursue, I did. I came to my decision after listening to my family, friends, and even myself. My friends and family pointed out the things I was proficient in and I took the time to notice what I found interesting. With this, I was able to conclude an occupation after combining what I was told and knew about myself. Not only did this career happen to be something that would bring in a good income and bring me happiness. I finally decided I wanted to be a pediatric nurse practitioner that will specialize in mental health.

    To those of you out there who still feel stuck and are wondering how you come to such a huge decision. How do you choose your career? Take the time to get to know yourself and take the time to listen to the people that surround you with nothing but love and support. Take the time to weigh out every single possibility that could bring you one step closer to your future. This is the one thing that will make or break where you go in life. Happiness should be your main priority, if you happen to find a career that gives you both money and happiness, you hit the jackpot. Although any occupation that feels right to you, should and will help you hear your financial needs and even wants if you do it correctly. Make this decision count, it is important!