An interview with female wrestler: Skylar Moreno

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Senior Skylar Moreno is one of the few females on Verrado High School’s varsity wrestling team. As inspiring as she is, I had the opportunity to interview her. This being her last year wrestling for her high school, I think it’s important we acknowledge her for her hard work, determination for her sport,  dedication to her team, and her being a team player. 

How old were you when you started wrestling?

“This year was my third year wrestling on varsity. I started my sophomore year when I was 15.”.

What influenced and motivated you to start wrestling? 

“I had been playing soccer since I was four years old. I decided to come into wrestling for pre-season practice and fell in love with the sport. My motivation is my teammates, the adrenaline rush, and the excitement that comes with winning matches.”.

Since it is a predominantly male sport, have you ever felt discouraged?

“Honestly, at first I did. Simply because my first year I didn’t have a lot of competition. Wrestling for females grows more and more each year, fortunately. With the sport being predominantly men, I work with the guys more often than not. Biologically they’re stronger, so sometimes it’s discouraging to face. It has its advantages too as well. When I wrestle with the guys at practice, then competitively compete against females, strength/muscle is never a factor. “.

From the sport, have you ever been discriminated against by coaches, women, or men? 

“Never. The guys treat me like one of them and I love them for that. They don’t take it easy on me and make me work hard. The coach even has a saying in the wrestling room “There are no genders in this room, only wrestlers.”. Without them pushing me to be better along with all my other male coaching staff, I wouldn’t be at the skill level I am at today. After talking to other teams with girls, my coach and team are the most supportive and appreciative of our female wrestlers. Other teams have told me their girls are pushed aside, forgotten about, and not a priority. We are “just the girls’ team” to some coaches in and out of our district.

What advice would you give to those who are interested in the sport, but feel discouraged to do so?

“I would say to just give it three days. Try it out and push through. Wrestling is a very combative/physical sport but there is a big mental aspect too. Just try it out and give it a chance. I am the most fit and conditioned I have ever been. I have learned so many things and life lessons and so much about my body/diet.”

Are you planning to wrestle in college?

Yes! I have a lot of scholarship offers to many out-of-state colleges/universities!