Viper Showcase Night

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Viper Showcase Night

The class of 2026 are almost here and those in middle school who planned on coming to Verrado high school had a special event at the school, welcoming the class of 2026 introducing them to the different types of classes, clubs, sports, etc. Many participated from the school to help set up booths and had many different ways of trying to grab the attention of the ones who were there. When the event began, all incoming students would come in a line and check out the booths one by one and check out ones who would catch their attention. I along with fellow editors sat at our journalism booth so when an interested student came by, we would describe how the class was run and how writing weekly articles worked. Many students came in ready and some even seemed to be specifically looking for the journalism booth as we saw their reactions and facial expressions which basically said it all. We printed out many journalism flyers with the class QR code and managed to give them all away. The future of journalism seems to be in good hands.