Lady Viper Soccer Senior Night

Angelina Cabrera, Staff Writer

On Friday night February 4, 2022, the Lady Vipers had both their last home game of the season as well as their senior night. Promptly at 5:30 pm, the seniors on the team were accompanied by their loved ones and celebrated on the field.  Heartwarming moments were shared both from the coaches as well as the athletes and it was definitely a moment everyone involved will cherish for the rest of their lives.  

The first half of the game surely did not disappoint.  Coming in hot, the Lady Vipers scored three goals and kept the crowd on their toes.  The team had amazing chemistry, and worked together to put on a great performance.  Parents in the stands, as well, helped motivate the team to play to their full potential and cheered them on throughout the entire game. With both the team and the fans in the stands cheering on the girls on the field, the atmosphere was jumping with excitement and a sense of community.  

The second half was also a great game for the Lady Vipers.  Scoring one goal, the girls kept Lake Havasu down to no goals and finished the game with just the right amount of pressure needed to take the win.  Seeing these girls come together to finish the job for one last home game was a sight like no other.  They truly came together as a team and simply played for fun and it showed.  

After the game, families came out of the stands and promptly congratulated their loved ones on the field.  Bittersweet moments were shared amongst friends and families as everyone reflected on the memories that were made on the field.  Overall, the Lady Viper soccer senior night was a success and was a great way to end the season.