What is the Future for Public Schools?


 The school system has had a set standard of learning that is helping some and failing others. For all ages, the teachings should be altered and required classes should be better fitted and educational for the right reasons. Pre-K through 8th grade should be focused on general education such as math, English, science, and social studies /History and addition of language. 

Once High School rolls around it’s time to start preparing for the future and what to do after high school. It would be time to get into job-specific classes and activities to help narrow down potential jobs or careers such as visiting such occupations or internships included for students.

Programs should be included to help Junior and Senior students get a job while in school so some aren’t cornered into thinking they must choose school or work as the majority of the time they would choose work. Provided seniors are granted either early dismissal or late arrival there are some students only needing 3 or 4 credits and must pick up an unnecessary class to waste time. When that time could be used for finishing or starting a shift even applying for a job and completing unfinished school work but instead are given class and work they don’t need.

The Best way to keep students engaged is to avoid and eliminate as many opposing factors as possible, get rid of unnecessary classes, open opportunities as well helping those who have no idea what to do after high school by having more options. It opens more doors that were never there before they have the opportunity to move on faster and be prepared

Not only do students need classes to find potential after high school plans but general life skills.

Many Public schools don’t provide necessary life skill classes leaving an unfathomable amount of people lacking basic common sense or real-world living causing issues down the line. Schools must acknowledge the need for classes to aid their students with their future not on school or job-wise but life-wise. The need of adding classes such as sex education, general automotive maintenance, home ec classes, and so on should be a must. The importance of educating the future generations is at its highest to prevent future incompetence and promote future success instead of just being bodies in chairs.