Advice to to the Future Dance Committee of Verrado

Denali Roman

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Verrado High dance committees of the past have faced the nerve-racking questions of will they come? Would they like the theme? The venue? Often stressing over ticket sales and with good reason. Over the years there has been a steep decrease in ticket sales. Students have been finding the dances to be as they say a hit and a miss with a bad playlist, bad venues, unworthy themes, and nothing to wear. All out just not worth the price for the experience.

Speaking as a representative of the class of 22 and beyond here are a few tips!

As the story goes tickets always fall in the 50-60 dollar range although that might not seem much to all it sure takes a spin on others. It would be a great time to incorporate layaway programs and even options to work for the ticket. It not only helps the buyers get a ticket but the sellers set up and have extra help with someone working it becomes a win-win situation. Why leave the planning to one class of students who don’t connect with the rest of the student body.

Many schools leave it up to the student council to plan these events and from there the only available classmen to plan the dance are split up upperclassmen consisting of 10-15 kids for the usual dances and the underclassmen consisting of 9-10 kids planning the major dance such as prom majority of the time those students are of the same friend group meaning their likes and dislikes are gonna differ from some if not most of the school. Taste and preference are very important factors to consider when planning why not get input from the rest of the students.

Inclusion of the whole school on ideas is a great way to find the majority interest. Contest held of who can send in the best dance playlist or voting polls for themes and select venues would be great input. What better way to promote a dance than through a contest! Possibly going so far as giving a ticket or reduced rate for the winners. Having the student involved isn’t just to have input to improve the dance but is also a great way to promote the dance. The amount of change in the planning process can prove beneficial in the execution.