Haunted House Auditions

Bardot Cormier

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The Haunted House Event here at Verrado high school is an event put on by student government members and students here at Verrado. This is our second year doing this event and is open to the community. This event contains a story behind it and every room that you are walking through has a different scary story decorated to it. You can expect anything when you think of the word scary, like creepy, haunted, etc. You can find dolls, clowns, dark hallways, singing by little girls, etc. 

Being an actor in this is a great opportunity to have fun and have something to do. Being an actor is one of the best things to have fun and be someone with an amazing story. It’s fun doing something way different than what you would normally do on a regular basis. If you get the excitement of scaring people and acting, this is definitely for you. Many friends you can make while doing it and a lot of laughter you get out of people’s reactions when making them feel scared. 

We hope to see many of you at the auditions. This is definitely gonna be the best Haunted House yet here at Verrado and definitely a great experience for you to be in.