You’re Going to Cry Over this Job

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December 8, 2022

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

An odd job that might be an interesting career mood is a professional mourner.

Everyone has different feelings and emotions, some are naturally born more emotional, while some aren’t. If you would title yourself as an emotional person, or someone that can cry on demand, you may have found the perfect job. You can be hired as a Professional Mourner and cry for money.

Professional Mourning isn’t new to the world. Professional mourners, also known as Moirologists, have been around since 1500 BC. Moirologists were required to be hairless women so they could tattoo goddesses for their cultural practices. Tattooing a goddess on their body was a form of calling the goddess to help and assist them during the funeral. This was only one of the rules in this practice. Due to tradition, men could not be professional mourners as it was embarrassing for them to cry and mourn in public. With men being “unfit” for the job and being trained to be leaders, this was one of the few ways for women to make money during the time era. 

The popularity of Moirologists at that time was very high and they showed up at almost every funeral. They were so popular, they were even mentioned in the Bible and in old religious books and writings. Moirologists were more commonly found in places like Egypt, China, India, and a few places in Europe. 

Although their population and gigs decreased, some are still around, now even in the US. The role of a professional mourner would be to comfort the grieving friends and family of the one that passed away. A professional mourner would most likely say kind words, respect their death, and give a Eulogy. To give a Eulogy, you’d have to speak in front of the audience, giving a speech for the person who passed away. Professional mourners can make 35-500+ dollars an hour. Overall, if you’re good at crying and saying comforting words, this job could be a perfect fit for you.