Be Spirited During Wish Week


Brissa Zambrano

Pajama day is always a popular choice during Spirit Week’s at Verrado.

Brissa Zambrano, Staff Writer

As this semester is slowly coming to an end, one thing Verrado can look forward to is our yearly tradition of Wish Week. Wish Week and our annual spirit week will take place this year from December (12-16th). Wish Week is a week where Verrado works together trying to fundraise and raise $10,000 for a child who is supported by the nonprofit organization. The Make-a-Wish Foundation helps grant a wish to kids who are terminally ill. The wish could be anything that they have ever dreamed of such as a vacation, meeting a celebrity, dressing up as a character and meeting them, or even getting toys or playing games. Wish Week this year is also Verrado’s annual holiday spirit week where Verrado dresses up and shows the spirit to celebrate the special holiday season and the new year coming up. 

Verrado is known for always going all out especially during Wish week in order to try to raise the goal of $10,000 to grant a wish. This year since it’s also spirit week, there are very high expectations. Spirit Week this year is very creative and festive. Not only is this year’s Spirit week easy but it’s very cute and comfortable. 

Starting off the week on Monday we have Long Winter’s Nap you could literally wake up for school and come in your pj’s on top of that if you wanna be extra not just any pj’s make sure to pull out your comfy and festive Christmas PJs to show off that holiday spirit. Coming to school in PJs is an easy and great way to show off your viper spirit.

Next off on Tuesday is Nightmare Before Finals. This is an amazing spirit day because it is close to the end of the year and finals can be very overwhelming. This spirit day is to show out with your crazy ugly sweaters or wear your holiday outfits. You could either come to school wearing a very ugly sweater that you might’ve gotten from Christmas before and never worn now is it’s time to shine. You can even just dress up wearing festive colors such as red or green or anything that you consider a festive holiday look.

Then we have Wednesday with Baby It’s Cold Outside coming to school wearing your winter/snow gear because it sure it’s pretty cold. It kinda does feel like it could snow but who knows so make sure to stay nice and warm wearing all your winter gear. You could wear anything from a beanie to a scarf and even your snow boots and for the girls their uggs and leg warmers. 

Then following up is Thursday with What’s your favorite Holiday Icon? Students come to school repping whatever icon/character from their favorite show or movie such as Rudolph the rednosed reindeer or even elf on the shelf and of course Santa clauses cause you  HO HO HO viper as always. There are many ways to dress up as simple as wearing just red for Santa, green for elves and getting some reindeer antlers, and painting your noose with a little red for Rudolph.

Then ending the week off with a bang on Friday is Make a Wish, It’s the Holidays! Make sure you pop out head to toe in all blue to show your support and spirit toward helping grant a child a wish this holiday season. Just as simple as wearing a blue shirt or blue shirt or even a blue hair tie shows how much support and what it means to be a true viper.

This week show support and spirit not just for Spirit Week but also for Wish Week, so we can help grant a child a wish and work together as a school to achieve the goal of 10,000 and show as much spirit as we can because we are one Verrado! We as a student body have to represent the true meaning behind our school and show what we can do with our voice. So make sure to coordinate and dress up because it’s all in the power of the holder meaning as a student body if we don’t support and participate that just means we don’t have school spirit and support one another as we should.  Be sure to show your festive holiday spirit by dressing up for spirit week, but also remember the true meaning of the holiday season and give back one way we could do that this time of year is by trying to raise $10,000 to grant a wish this holiday season.