The Reaction to the iPhone 6

Sammy Mallik, Reporter

Apple has always been known for coming out with the best, most innovative technology, and they have done it again. The release date of the iPhone 6 was September 9th, and immediately it was the biggest hype around the nation, all over the news, and even trending on Twitter for the entire day. According to, “ With the 6, the iPhone is at its thinnest and it’s largest.

Along with the release of the iPhone 6, Apple also released iOS 8 and describe it as the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” with new advances with Siri, a new health and fitness app, and deeper access to more tools, as well as the new iWatch which has yet to be released.  However, with all of these additions to modern day technology, people are responding in different ways to the products.

A good amount of people are worried about the privacy of these new products, especially considering the fact that they are now responsible for holding credit card numbers and heart rates. The New York Times explains that “Apple faces two threats to its new services: one from hackers always looking for clever ways to steal financial information, and another from regulators increasingly interested in ensuring that information gleaned from health monitoring devices stays private.”

Also, people are also concerned with the new sizes of the phone and are saying that “Apple is just copying Samsung” with the new enormous screens, according to many tweets and other posts on social media. Additionally, “per The Huffington Post.

All opinions aside, Apple has amazed society once again, and whether it is a good amazement or bad amazement, that is up to the consumer to decide; Apple is continuously proving that technology will continue to advance no matter what.