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Janet Amaya


Janet Amaya is a 16 year-old Junior who goes to Verrado High School. Amaya has been in journalism for the past two years. She first began  journalism because she thought the class wouldn’t be a lot of work and an easy grade. Now that Amaya has come back, it’s because she enjoys the class and knows her capabilities for news writing! Amaya would describe herself as quiet, boring and smart. When asking Amaya about who she could meet any person, either living or dead, she chose her grandfather. Interestingly, she didn’t choose a singer or movie star, but instead someone personal to her who she would've loved to meet. Her grandfather passed away when she was 2- years- old, if getting the chance to meet him, she’d like to get to know him and learn about his personality. Overall, Amaya is an intelligent and caring person. 

Janet Amaya, Staff Writer

Sep 12, 2019
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