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Denali Roman

Denali Roman, Staff Writer

Born and raised in the state of Arizona 18-year-old Denali Roman Fills her time with school, work, and occasionally going out.

As a middle child, Denali Has found ways to articulate her thoughts and stimulate her brain. She stays occupied by staying occupied whether she is configuring her with homework and/or juggling her multirole job coaching soccer, officiating a game, or just working office while also finding the time to manage the  Verrado High school Basketball team ensuring the players and coaches have proper communication whether in a meeting or on the court as well as keeping the team prepared with the appropriate gear for the games while still finding time for what she enjoys most. 

Denali enjoys late night drives with a smack of a playlist and cold drink in her hand cruising the town or just finding a quiet spot to chill for just for a break in her hectic schedule, Denali is great at managing her time, to say the least, but still craves something more to occupy time and stay on the move and decided to try the world of journalism to further expand one's viewpoint and experience who doesn't enjoy a casual read or saying up to date with the latest news. Besides with joy for English and writing, it could be a great transition to Journalism 

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Denali Roman