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Emily Rodriguez, Staff Writer

This is the first time Emily Rodriguez has been a part of journalism however that does not stop her. The purpose is to have a new experience in a way, she can bring her own input and opinion in the mix of articles and any information which is being presented. Being a part of the Journalism team will bring more depth to her writing. Breaking down factual or opinion responses reveal her own individuality. What better way of representing a person’s inner soul?

Jewelry is a passion. The way she shows her self within the type of jewelry she wears shows she loves to layer her necklaces by having a silver necklace from tiffany that her godparent has sent to the 15 necklaces that her father had given her when she reached the year what most Hispanic girls celebrate when she reaches that time in her life. Then down to her 4 piercing she loves the hoops ones that aren’t too over the top but at least the most decent in which can be seen to show off to the world. She loves bracelets but to her, she wears them to show the number of things she carries with her has a purpose as she does love the bling along with the colorful side and her mellow personality.

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Emily Rodriguez