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Ethan Brediger

Ethan Brediger was born in Scottsdale Arizona August 11 2006. Loves technology, loves learning new things, is not a quitter, and is a very challenging person overall. Ethan Loves helping out with his family and loves helping out with people’s problems.

He thinks out of the box and loves learning new things. When he is older he either wants to work for The Microsoft Media Team to help organize apps design games also and maybe even build and design computers.

Ethan is a 15-year-old content creator who lives streams and records his gameplay for people to see, he is funny and has a lot of comedy videos on his “YouTube Channel” He is also athletic and likes to work out to keep a healthy heart and body.

Ethan Loves hot sunny weather and also loves the snow very much. Ethan used to live in Washington state and would wake up every morning on Christmas day to see the snow falling down from the sky.

He is planning on seeing some people that work at epic games and is also planning on seeing people that work at Microsoft, these people that work there heard about Ethan’s Great talent with technology and game design and are planning on seeing him very soon



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Ethan Brediger